We carry:
Mountain Air Grooming
We are located in the Great North Woods of Northern New Hampshire, providing
quality professional pet grooming services.  With over
30 years of pet grooming
experience, providing a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for our fuzzy clients.  Our
goal is to make every customer (and owner) happy.   While I am partial to poodles, I
groom most breeds and specialize in small breed dogs.

Every dog is groomed to perfection with lots of extras included:  nail trim, ear plucking
and cleaning, brushing, bathing (with quality shampoos) with our messaging bath
system, and a clip if needed to the owners specifications.

Other extras that we offer is nail grinding, teeth brushing, nail polish application, and
anal gland expression.

We have a nice little retail area that is packed with lots of good stuff

We now offer doggie day care and overnight stays!!